Baltimore, MD

On behalf of the deans and directors of admission at Eight of the Best Colleges, I am writing to convey our concern for you and the residents of the communities in which you live. We know you are preparing for what appears to be a destructive hurricane and that weather reports are predicting at least a torrential storm in your area.

Not knowing what the condition of the storm will be after landfall and with some reports suggesting that Hurricane Florence may either lose momentum or take a turn before reaching you, we are still planning to deliver our program this weekend. We hope that you are spared from the storm and that it will be possible to meet with you as originally planned. Be assured that we will closely monitor weather reports and prioritize your travel safety before announcing a final decision by 12:00 p.m. on Friday.

Some registrants have asked if it would possible for us to reschedule these programs later this year. Most of our institutions have plans to visit your area individually in the coming months. Our group will return for a visit in May, 2019.